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     VULMS Virtual University of Pakistan is a leading website in world of education and homepage of enormous visitors, ranging from students to professionals and all the way up to information seekers being directed by Google, from where worldwide students of computer science , Business administration, Information Technology, Public Administration, Human Relation, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Business & Information Technology, Accounting, Commerce, Mass Communication, Psychology, Banking & Finance, Arts, Diploma Certificate Courses & more are access the site to get help & share their Knowledge.


       VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN is social networking website created with an aim of providing educational support for the students of Virtual University of Pakistan as well as students of other universities worldwide. Besides Providing the educational support we are also serving entertainment in form of  Blog, Forum, Videos Photos, Groups and Chat. Our Community has also Live FM Radio to facilitate the students for enhancing their communication skills as well as to take opportunity for doing something they love to do. Just visit Desi Rox Live FM Radio.


      VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN (Networks of the Virtual University of Pakistan Students) is helping virtual university students since January 2018. Students are satisfied with VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN performance. VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN is providing the old assignmentsonline quizzesold paperscurrent papersassignment help and of course a light entertainment.

     Student can do discussion related to study and also share their views here on VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN. VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN is providing the real time help and solving their problems also providing them assignment help not only the solution but the conceptual help to develop their concepts about that subject to the students.

    So by joining the VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN it is beneficial to get at least 80% marks in your result from virtual university. Also after becoming the part of VULMS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN students are doing help to each other new comer students to clear the concept of Distance learning (DL) process, which is very good and good sign for students for themselves. So as the new feature for getting real time help students can join our very interactive chat which is designed for study based and totally secure and safe as concern to student identity.

    We got a job section where we post the job ads. Also we encourage students who are having some good jobs to post job if they know any. To do this all its very easy simply joins our forum and do post the information on relevant forum. We are looking forward to serve you the best.





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