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Cs601 Assignment No 1 solution & Duscussion

Question No. 1: Cs601 Assignment No 1 solution

Suppose a university has two computer network sections named as “Admin” and “Faculty”. Admin section is

comprised of 13 computers which are directly connected with each other to provide efficient communication

among computers whereas the “Faculty” section contains 20 computers which are connected through an

intelligent central device. To attend an online conference being held in another country, the network

administrator has established an online video link in the faculty section. The conference chair has

sent an image of conference agenda to the network administrator for sharing with all faculty members.

Considering the above-mentioned scenario, you are required to:

a) Identify the type of network topology used in the Admin section

Mesh Topology

b) Write the number of links required for the identified topology for Admin section. (You need to write all

steps of calculation).

 N∗(N−1) / 2

13*(13-1) / 2

13*(12) / 2


c) Write the total number of ports required for identified topology for Admin section?



12 Ports

d)Identify the type of network, linking computer of faculty section with the computer of conference chair

through video conference.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

e) Identify the type of network topology used in computer network of Faculty section.

Star Topology

f) Mention the name of intelligent device used for connecting computers of Faculty Section.


g) Calculate the maximum number of different colors that can be represented, if the image sent by

conference chair is a colored image using 24-bits to represent a single pixel. (You are required to

perform all steps of calculation).

Question No. 2

Following table contains some layers


  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240

    Question No. 2: Cs601 Assignment No 1 solution

    Following table contains some layers of OSI mode along with some information associated with each layer. However, the information given in column B is not matching with column A. You are required to carefully analyze both the columns and write correct information associated with each layer in column C:

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