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CS609 Assignment 1 solution idea Discussion

CS609 Assignment 1 solution

CS609 Assignment 1 IDEA Solution of (Dear student change it as per assignment)
char st1[80] ={"Virtual University of Pakistan$"};
char st2[80] ={"Washi Ali$"};
char st2[80] ={"Tufail$"};
void interrupt (*oldint65)( );
void interrupt newint65( );
void main()
oldint65 = getvect(0x65);
setvect(0x65, newint65);
keep(0, 1000);
void interrupt newint65( )
switch (_AH)
case 0:
_AH = 0x09;
_DX = (unsigned int) st1;
geninterrupt (0x21);
case 1:
_AH = 0x09;
_DX = (unsigned int) st2;
geninterrupt (0x21);
case 2:
_AH = 0x09;
_DX = (unsigned int) st3;
geninterrupt (0x21);



  • this is 100% correct or not

  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    cs609 system programming ( midterm exam dated 14 December 2019 time 4:00pm)
    q.1 Function of interrupt ID Register in UART (marks 3)
    q.2 (in BIOS data area) write address of Keyboard Status Byte ( marks 3)
    q.3 draw the diagram of Keyboard interface (marks 5)
    q.4 write name of 5 registers used in UART (marks 5)
    q.5 write two types of interrupts along one difference between them (marks 5)
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