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CS604 GDB Solution

I think that the following strategy will be the solution for the above gdb.
No preemption
To ensure that this condition does not hold we may use the protocol: if a process is holding some resources and requests another that cannot be allocated immediately to it, then all resources currently being held by the process are preempted. These resources are implicitly released, and added to the list of resources for which the process is waiting. The process will be restarted when it gets all its old, as well as the newly requested resources.



  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    current paper of cs604
    Cs604 finalterm paper 15/02/2020 session 5 pm.
    1.Source code tu executable code steps
    2. File Protection
    3.UNIX/Linux me virtual memory ka concept,esa kuch question tha replacement(algorithms)
    5.Paged segmentation
    6. Logical to physical address translation(steps)
    7.Deadlock prevention me safe state essential ha ya nai
    8. Ek table me values thi us me sy average wait time or first come first serve algorithm sy calculation krni thi.
    9. Values di hoi thi uska gant chart bnana tha.
    10. Segmentation k 2 registers k name.

    Cs604.... 15feb...8:00am
    MCQS mstly frm last 10 lectures
    Primary page protection scheme.. 3 mrks
    Accessing modes nd user clases.. 3 mrks
    Aftr detecting deadlock how to recovr it give one methd.. 3 mrks
    Wrng use if semaphore will lead to no bad effect on process.. Do u agree?? Give 2 reasons... 3 mrks
    For critical section problem, maximum proces involves init nd which algorithm is used to solv it.. 3 mrks
    U hv dfrnt deadlock detection algorithm in ur system when should u use them.. Give 2 conditions.. 5 mrks
    Differentiate bw starvation nd deadlock with the help of code... 5 mrks
    Statements are given identify them as signal, interrupt, trap... 5 mrks
    Situations given... Identify which system call will be used... 5 mrks
    Steps of page replacement.. 5 mrks

    Cs604 11am paper
    20+ mcqs waqar sidhu r moaaz files sy thy

    Semaphore ka question
    Semaphore ka algo shortcomings batani thi
    Resource Alllocation Graph dya howa tha wait for graph bana kar bata na tha k deadlock ha k ni
    File structure name batany thy
    I/O disk operations fast hoty han ya file system
    Numerical tha p, f aur d find karna tha
    Fork() k failure k reasons likhny thy
    Virtual memory per comment likhna tha
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