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Guidelines for PhD Comprehensive Examination


  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240

    3.   Oral comprehensive examination


    Candidates who has successfully passed the written part of the comprehensive examination may be allowed to proceed to the oral examination of the comprehensive. The candidate must appear before the panel of examiners for oral part.

    Panel composition

    The panel responsible for the conduct of oral examination shall consist of the following

    1.      The Rector or his/her nominee

    2.     Dean of the respective faculty

    3.      Head of the respective department (shall also serve as secretary of the panel)

    4.     Three examiners as per criteria set for the appointment of examiners for comprehensive examination.

    5.     The Rector shall chair the panel or respective Dean in the absence of the Rector.


    1.      The oral examination may be conducted during the semester in which candidate has enrolled “Comprehensive Examination”.

    2.     The oral part of the examination shall be scheduled within one month after the candidate has passed the written part.

    3.      The CE shall announce the place, date and time of the oral examination and intimate it to all the members of the panel as well as to each of the PhD candidates.

    4.     There shall be separate oral comprehensive examination for each candidate.

    5.     Oral examination will be video recorded.


    1.      The PhD candidate shall secure 50% marks or higher averaged over all the members of the panel to be declared as “pass” in the oral part.

    4.   Formal comprehensive examination result declaration

    At the end of each semester, the CE shall announce the result of the comprehensive examinations. Each candidate shall be declared either “Pass” or “Fail” in the comprehensive examination. If a candidate fails to pass the comprehensive examination, his candidacy of PhD shall be withdrawn

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