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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240

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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    final paper cs501
    1.a collection of microinstruction is called a microprogram.
    2.under-run error ki statment the
    3 hardware intrupet ka mcq
    4 branc addres
    5 intrupet latency
    6 the tool loads a FALCON-A binary file with a (.binfa) extension
    7 the .equ directive can be used anywhere in the source file to assign values to variables.
    8 ard disk m sy platter and tracks k mcq thy
    9RAID ka mcq tha aik
    10 ALU is a combination of arithmatic
    11 flash memory
    12 cach ka mcq
    13 cache hit ka mcq
    14 little law
    15 Which one of the following is the memory organization of SRC processor? 2^32 * 8 bits
    16 The prior character that was received was not still read by the CPU and is over written by a new received character.
    • Framing error
    • Parity error
    • Overrun error
    17 In Multiple Interrupt Line, a number of interrupt lines are provided between the ____________ modules.
    • CPU and the I/O (Page 283)
    • CPU and Memory
    18 The ________ is w-bit wide and contains a data word, directly connected to the data bus which is b-bit wide memory address register (MAR) .
    • Instruction Register(IR)
    • memory address register (MAR)
    • memory Buffer Register(MBR)
    19 In a DRAM cell, the storage capacitor will discharge in around ______________ â–º4 -15 ms (Page 354)
    20 What is the instruction length of the FALCON-E processor? â–º 8 bits â–º 16 bits â–º32 bits
    21 Which one of the following instructions is used to load register from memory using a relative address? â–ºla â–ºlar â–ºldr
    22 Taking control of the system bus for a few bus cycles is known as _____________. â–ºBus Stealing â–ºCycle Stealing (Page 317) â–ºCycle Transfering
    23 ___________ is the time for first bit of the message to arrive at the receiver including delays. â–º Transmission Time â–º Latency â–º Transport Latency â–º Time of Flight
    24 __________ is/are defined as the number of instructions processed per second â–º Throughput (Page 203) â–º Latency Time to process 1 request. â–º Throughput and Latency
    25 Raid Level ____ is not a true member of the RAID family. â–º0 (Page 330) â–º2 â–º3
    ###### question
    1 feature of connection oriented
    2 what is topology and its type
    3 overflow of floating point wiyh example
    4 branch instruction and addres
    5 types of multiplexer detail 5 no ka ? tha
    6 radix and diminshed radix complement form
    boot recording wala math type ? ta
  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    Assalam walaikum
    Cs501 today paper
    Mcqs 50% from past
    Lookaside buffer
    Data bus scenerio request/acknowledgment
    Spatial locality and temporal locality
    One numerical relevant to twisted cable 5 marks
    Daisy chain
    Float addition and subtraction
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