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CS101 Assignment No 1 Spring 2019 Solution with Step by Step Guide

Solution of Introduction to Computing CS101 Assignment No1 Spring 2019

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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    Today cs101 paper
    1.Write any five attributes of applications software of ist electronic digital computer?
    3.ENIAC stand for? What ist use?quntum computer?
    4 .what is out put of following html+jawa

  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    Abhi CS101 ka paper dia hay

    23 questions thy. Takriban 18 19 mcqs.. jo past main se ziada aye thy.. aur mera papar theoretical tha.. maine slides parhi thi wo bht zaruri hain pehly 10 lessons ki slide parh len, slides parhty wakt ek rough copy mai outlines banaty jain asani hogi yad karny main.

    4 long thy 2 questions (3) marks k.. aur 2 questions (5) marks k. Long main, Turing test ka pucha,, Java Script functions ka pucha, applications softwares k 5 attributes puchy( 5 marks ka tha attributes wala Question) aur ek question maine nhi kia wo Variables k sum ka tha kuch String- integers wala(3 marks ka)..idk kis chapter mai se aya. Agar kisi ko pata hay to bata dy.

    Aur yeh bhi bata dy k java Language se pehly java script ko Kiya kehty thy?
    A: script
    B: JScript
    C: Livescript
    D: JavaScript

    °Past papers for mcqs

    °2nd lesson zarur karna computer ki evolution wala. First pc, first super computer, first program

    °Slides bht zaruri specially mera experience pehli 10 slides ka acha tha.

    °Html k basic tags, zarur karen. Wo altaf khan wali pehli example Puri achi tarah karlen.

    °Kuch log Booleans truth table ka bhi keh rahy thy..easy hay wo video dekh len lecture 8 ki thori se..15 mint mai ho Jaye ga.

    And Good Luck!
  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    CS101 12:00PM (14 Dec)

    MCQ, Mostly from Quizz and Very Easy (most of them were related to HTML tags and Operating System, 1-2 from Algorithms)


    Html for an Ordered List

    Pseudo-code for Multiplying two numbers

    Necessary Requirements for DTP

    HTML for Displaying a link, an email with different anchor texts.

    bs itna yad hy
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