ECO401 Assignment No.1 Eco401


Subsidies for producers increase supply and the quantity demanded by consumers. The government provides production subsidies whenever it is in the interest of the public in order to meet demand. As the producer increases supply, the cost of production is reduced, allowing the supplier to profit from both the subsidy and lower costs. As the result prices also decreases of

Cement products in domestic market

Note: If you Found any mistake then correct ur Self I m not responsible in case of zero marks.

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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,233

    ECO401 Current Final Term paper (02:30 PM, 18-02-2020)

    Credit: (Mawra Yashal)

    Paper Eco 401
    Timing 2.30
    Total question 50
    Objective 41 mcq
    Topic.(unempolyment .marginal monopoly .philips curve .inflation .who introduce invisible hand concept or table ki value find krni the marginal cost ki hi)

    5 question 3 marks
    Q.1 fixed cost define with example
    Q.2 castel with example
    Q.3 differ btw technological unemployment and cylical
    Q.4 1 table ki value likhni the marginal cost
    Q.5 in visible hand concept

    4 question 5 marks
    Differ btw collusion and non collusion oligopoly
    Q.2 table tha marginal cast find krni the marginal cost equal total cost over output ye formula lga k just value krni the find
    Q.3 ye b table hi tha value find krni the simple injection ki I G X tha table mn injection find kr k likhni the (topic on page 131 book)

    Q.4 ye b table tha annual growth find krni the countries ki topic on page no 163
    Overall paper easy tha conceptual tha .dehan sy sary 18 lec b agr read kr lye to paper acha ho jaye ga .formual 4.5 hi han wo lazmi read krye ga .difference jitny b han lazmi rat lain bht ah rhy han .
    Dosri post mn important topic btany lgi hon un mnsy hi paper ah rha 80%.
    Past paper sy b kuch mcq aye thy mery or long b wahn sy 2 aye thy table exact wohi aye thy 1 nazar past ko b read krty jana
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