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CS614 handout and other help data download

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Handouts cs614.pdf

A Data Warehouse Implementation Using Star Schema.pdf This file is related to the Data Warehouse Implementation Using Star Schema.

Sql Server 2000 desktop.part4.rarSql Servr 200018649.21 KBrarFeb 24, 2014

Sql Server 2000 desktop.part3.rarSql Servr 200097656.25 KBrarFeb 24, 2014 

Sql Server 2000 desktop.part2.rarSql Servr 200097656.25 KBrarFeb 24, 2014 

Sql Server 2000 desktop.part1.rar

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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240

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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    Done with cs614 paper 11 am
    Mcqs 20 were from past
    Subject papers was totally different from past files
    50 questions 40 mcqs 10 subjective
    1Quality management maturity gird
    Sy teen statement thi, unko identify krna tha
    2Collapse table sy ik question solve krna tha
    3Dense index sy ik statement correct incorrect btana tha
    4Data mining vs statistics
    5Business dimensional lifecycle
    6Dwh page dimensions
    7Import export wizard load tasks, at least 5
    8Denormalization techniques
  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 25,240
    Today cs614 paper
    McQs almost 30+ from past waqar arsalan file
    Subjective five 3marks and five 5marks
    1. Table ko age par cluster index apply karna tha 5
    2. Dwh development life cycle planning phase key factors 5
    3. Sql queries for replace date of birth and distinct name selection on ascending order 5
    4. Data information knowledge intelligence ko importance wise ascending order me likna tha 5
    5. Parallel Hardware Architecture names 3
    6. Dwh life cycle incremental enhancement ka kuch tha 3
    7. Dwh k kuch property robustness correctness readability etc
    8. Given entities me Horizontal partitioning par entities likna tha. 3
    9. Dwh development and life cycle ki 5 phases likni thi. 5
    10. Sql queries ka kuch tha i think. 3
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